After two years, it looks like a pandemic as we know it is over. Many restrictions, including travel, gathering and rules for wearing masks are being removed now. Many managers are happy about removal of restrictions, because they want to have their employees return to offices. However, individual workers have different ideas. Studies have shown that most of them dislike the idea of going back to office, and for a good reason. In the current economy, employees hold significant power, so many companies are trying to accommodate them. Large employers like Twitter have publicly announced that they’ll let their employees work from home for as long as they’d like. McKinsey is a leading firm for business consultancy, and their representatives have recognized that this is a major change in the workplace. 

Changes in the industry

There were many tech companies that offered tools for scheduling meetings, making video calls and communication between teams. However, due to external factors, the market significantly grew in size. Entrepreneurs have realized that in the future, there are going to be millions of people who work remotely. There are many startups who are addressing the issues facing people who work from home. More importantly, investors have realized the possibilities for offering services for remote work. Venture Capitalists as well as angel investors are not hesitating to invest money in startups that work on solutions to help people working remotely.

Variety of startups

It has been found that there are 65 different companies working to create solutions for working from home. Startups offer different services, ranging from communication solutions like video conferencing, to booking offices and securing equipment for home offices. There are also tools that help professionals maintain their focus on work and avoid distractions from their everyday life.

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Tandemic – startup that facilitates communication

business landscape

Tandemic is a prime example of a startup that is building services for the work-from-home future. Funnily enough, it was founded even before pandemic really became a thing. Investors gave them millions to build their platform for synchronous communication, much like interacting with people at the office. Platform lets users know when their co-workers are available. Users can reach out to their employees and talk to them, like they would in the office.

Envoy – a startup to secure flexible real estate

Many companies are reluctant to abandon their offices entirely, but they are willing to work with hybrid models.  Envoy is another startup that lets its users reserve a desk when they want to come into office. Large companies like Zoom, Patagonia and Lionsgate are among the customers of Envoy Desks. As companies continue to slowly move away from the traditional workplace, startups like Envoy are going to become more popular  because they offer superior flexibility.

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