You risk getting booted out if you ask this question to any casino dealer. In the 1960s, Edward Thorpe devised card counting, which was a pain in the flesh for most casinos. To generate big gains in blackjack, players, particularly the renowned MIT team, employed card counting. 

Casinos, on the other hand, are not bystanders. They have their own systems in place to catch up to the card counters and fight this legal technique. So, how can a casino catch card counters in the act? Continue reading. 

Taking the Pit Boss and the Dealer for Granted 

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Isn’t that self-explanatory? The first thing most casinos do to fight fraud is to hire a dealer and a pit manager. The pit boss usually wanders around the court to keep an eye on the game and assist any players who are having difficulty. They may also count the cards in the discard tray in the other manner to detect any inconsistencies if they see a large spread of bets. 

They also have a “dirty” trick up their sleeves. The pit boss approaches the gamer and pretends to be pleasant as soon as they accuse the player of counting cards. However, their ultimate purpose is to make you feel uneasy and lose focus. So now you see why skilled card counters alternate between 1 and 3 unit bets. 

Make the Regulations More Difficult to Follow 

Unfavorable game rules started to emerge in casinos almost immediately after Edward Thorpe’s book “Beat the Dealer” was released in 1961. Card counting should have been rendered unprofitable as a result of this. The finest online casinos now include graded shoe options. Most blackjack games were played with a single deck while Thorpe was alive. 

The institution’s advantage rises by 1.4 percent as a result of this alone. A dealer may also boost his soft hands by entering Soft 17 at various tables. The casino now has a 0.2 percent lead. This percentage might be all you need to win the round, no matter how modest it seems. 

The Counters Are Being Scared Away 

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Casinos use intimidating techniques to “slow down” card counters, as if making the game uncomfortable isn’t enough. To put it another way, the casino will do all it can to acquire a foothold in the card counter’s mind. A pit boss, for example, may go about looking for players who are counting cards. They may then go to the dealer and initiate dialogue by pointing to the player. 

They may also approach a player who has an advantage and take a position close to him. This is done in order to irritate the gamer. Keep track of players that have a leg up on the competition. Do you seem to be winning a lot more blackjack hands lately? Maybe you’ve already started reading the “wrong” gambling literature. 

Casinos have mastered the skill of keeping track of blackjack players for many years. Some even negotiate arrangements with third-party database businesses to keep an eye on gamers who have an unfair edge. The Griffin investigation, which is famous for catching the MIT team, is an excellent example. Griffin International went bankrupt because James Grosjean filed a lawsuit against the corporation. 

In general, finding a seat at the blackjack table will be tough for any target player. Some casinos may completely deactivate your account. 

The Best Way to Avoid Being Discovered 

It’s worth noting that card counting is completely allowed in blackjack. However, if you use this approach, the casinos have the ability to eject you from the premises. Moreover, depending on the severity of the infringement, other casinos may prohibit you. 

If you want to avoid being discovered, there are a few tactics you might do. Here are a few examples: 

  • Simple or rookie errors, such as hitting when you shouldn’t, should be avoided. 
  • Make a habit of tipping the dealer. Remember that if you win and inform them, they will be delighted. 
  • Choose the top online casinos that accept card counting. 
  • Switch between casinos if you’re playing in a land-based casino so you don’t become too comfortable with the area. 
  • Maintain secrecy about the account. To put it another way, don’t count aloud or explicitly.

You now know how casinos capture card counters and how to avoid being a victim. The key is to choose a decent online casino while without seeming to be very knowledgeable. Keep it basic and remove the dealer’s taste. Before going live, it’s also a good idea to practice with free games.

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